About Us

The team at KAPA FOODS INDIA is solely focused on bringing food which is real and from nature available to everyone. We have taken up this rather ambitious project of moving every Indian household to the real food from nature which our ancestors consumed for thousands of years.

With health food shops being the preferred destination to satisfy your unique gesture of gifting your family with good health, KAPA FOODS INDIA has always been keen to provide its customers with an exceptional variety of its irresistible, nutritious and healthy choice of fresh health food gift products.

With many generations of experience in business, we strive to continuously raise our benchmark by providing products of the highest quality and taste. In order to cater to our internet shoppers, we have started this e-commerce portal, through which customers can buy all their favourite products and get it delivered to their home.

KAPA FOODS INDIA has been started with an aim of eliminating unhealthy snacks from our diet and replacing them with Healthy and also delicious Dried fruits and Nuts. We believe that sourcing and using local products will reduce the impact on our planet and is a more sustainable way of life. Let's together move towards a Happier Healthier future starting today!