Cashewnut Whole W180 Premium

Cashewnut Whole W180 Premium is the best or the ultimate grade of cashew. the higher the grade, the healthier the nut, the better the taste, the more nutrition within the nut.

Cashews may not be graded in the same way elementary school students are, but did you know there is a standardized scale to judge them?

For starters, cashews can be referred to as W for whole, S for split, or B for broken. Yup, it’s that simple! Just remember:

— W cashews are the most sought after and highest quality because they have not been damaged or split.

— S cashews are cheaper than wholes, and therefore are put into less expensive economy packages. After roasting, splits tend to be crispier than whole, and are usually preferred for candy bars, pastries, and other baked goods.

— B cashews are not evenly cut down the middle like S’s. They are the cheaper of the first classification, and are also primarily used in economy packages, recipes, or as a simple garnish.

The next classification is a number, which refers to the amount of cashews per pound. For example, a standard grade for a cashew could look like: W 240. That means it is a whole (W) kernel that would produce 240 cashew kernels per pound.

Key point here: The fewer cashews per pound, the larger the cashews are. Therefore, it is preferred to have a lower number per pound for the best cashews